Values & Roles









  • Own all government shares in the oil & gas sector and related business.
  • Undertake all future investments in the oil and gas sector and related business.
  • Receive and manage dividends from operating companies.

Portfolio Management

  • Pursue value enhancing opportunities
  • Identify and appraise investments and new ventures.
  • Promote strategic alignment of OpCos with NOGA.
  • Drive profitability of portfolio companies
  • Actively work with companies that are not meeting international benchmarks to improve their performance and profitability.

Promotion of OE and Best Practice

  • Achieve operational excellence
  • Strive for global best practice
  • “A more active role in reviewing the performance of their holdings”

Provision of Professional Service

  • Facilitate provision of technical support to NOGA where possible.
  • Professional advice to the “political” entity, NOGA, on policy, strategy, standards, investment, etc.
  • Holding Co. guidance to the “Opco” entities, e.g. profitability required, ROCE, D/E ratio, dividend policy, etc.

Develop Intellectual Capital

  • Create a hub for skilled manpower and experience
  • Succession planning