Chairman’s Office


Under the leadership of His Highness the Chairman, The Oil and Gas Holding Company B.S.C. (closed) “nogaholding” and its Group of companies are committed to implementing the highest level of corporate governance across its group of companies and streamlining integrated control systems to deter, detect, and prevent improper or illegal activities.

This whistleblowing channel is built to facilitate nogaholding Group's stakeholders in raising concerns confidently and securely to the Chairman’s Office while maintaining the highest level of confidentiality.

Who Can Report?

All employees of the nogaholding Group, contractors, previous employees, and clients of any member company of the Group can use this page to report wrongdoings.

What Can be Reported?

The whistleblowing policy is designed to detect and prevent wrongdoings that may impair the Group financially, operationally, or legally. Any member or stakeholder of the nogaholding Group can play a role in reporting suspicious activity that may not be detected with the current internal controls. Fraudulent activities, illegal activities, or activities that may constitute malpractice, miscarriage of justice, unethical conduct, or any other act, which is not in line with the Code of Conduct, are all subjects that can be reported to the Chairman’s Office using the whistleblowing form.

Privacy and Identity Protection

To protect the privacy of the whistleblower, their identity will remain private to the Chairman’s Office when a report is received or investigated. Whistleblowers may opt to file an anonymous report, however, the nogaholding Group encourages employees and stakeholders to share their identity when filing a report to better facilitate communication and investigation.

Whistleblowing Form

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